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If you have been looking for home gym equipment that will not take over your life, but that still offers a great workout, then there is a good chance you have considered a small treadmill. You want something small enough to stow out of the way in an average home or apartment, but that still allows you to exercise as if you were in the gym. That is the whole point of buying home gym equipment, isn’t it?

In this article, we look at why a small treadmill fits the bill, and why you should make it your top choice for home gym equipment.

Small Treadmills Are Cheaper

Because small, foldaway treadmills are usually much simpler than their large counterparts are, they’re often considerably cheaper than a larger model. That simplicity also translates into fewer moving parts and electronics toSmall Treadmill wear out, and that usually means less repair costs down the line.

Small Treadmills Are Convenient

When it comes to home gym equipment, in most cases, you’re looking for something that doesn’t interfere with your lifestyle too much. Small, fold away treadmills and foldaway treadmills are small enough to fold up and fit in a closet or under a bed, so they don’t take up valuable space in your home. When they are out, they’re as good as the bigger versions for the areas you want to target though!

Small Treadmills Take Up Very Little Space

One of the reasons most average people don’t consider treadmills is that they are just so big! They take up a large amount of space in your home, and unless you can dedicate a whole room to a fixed treadmill, they’re really not an option for most people. A small treadmill, however, not only takes up way less space when it’s in use, it can also be folded and stowed away under a bed, in a closet, or in another out of the way space of your home, so you don’t need a whole room to have one!

A Small Treadmill Is Easy To Transport

If you’ve ever tried to move house with a fixed treadmill, you’ll know that it’s a difficult, costly experience. They’re bulky, heavy, and delicate all at the same time, and moving them is a nightmare for most people. Because a small treadmill folds up to be stored out of the way, however, it’s also easy to transport. So if you move frequently, and you’re looking for a treadmill that won’t break your back or your bank account when you do, then a small treadmill might just be the best bet! You may want to take a look at the bh Treadmill which can be found at Treadmill Cost.

There are plenty of other reasons that people are choosing adaptable, convenient, and cost effective gym equipment options like small treadmills. They offer great workouts, but don’t take over your life or your home, and there are some great models out there that offer almost all the features you’d expect to have in the gym.

So if home fitness is on your mind, make sure that a small treadmill is one of the options you consider.


  1. Great tips on small treadmills, i think they are the way to go because as you say they are cheaper and definitely more convenient as you dont need a big space to house them!
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  2. Great website talking about Small Treadmill. It is definitely a great home gym equipment as it is cheaper, convenient, small, & easy to move around.
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  3. This information was invaluble regarding Small TreadMills as they have advantages over larger moduels due to taking up less space ideal for people living in inercity apartments
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  4. I love using Treadmills because its a fun fast way to getting fit, and can be used if its hot outside or even if its cold outside!

    Having less space to move around, sure makes having a small treadmill worth it!

    Lisa Wood recently posted..Healthy Eating And Healthy SmoothiesMy Profile

  5. I don’t have a lot of space so a small treadmill comes in very handy. And being in the tropics it’s a nice alternative to do your walking inside instead of outside with 70% humidity ;)
    Renee recently posted..Treadmill HireMy Profile

  6. The small treadmill is a great idea. Some treadmills are so big, a whole room has to be allocated to them. Great that they are also transportable.
    Jan Littlehales recently posted..Christmas Pudding Recipe – in Ten MinutesMy Profile

  7. Treadmills are a great way to keep fit, just keep on walking while watching T.V.Looks good when they are small as well, and do not take up so much room, therefore much more viable.

  8. I definitely like the idea of the smaller treadmills for transportability! It makes things to much more flexible, easier to use and durability is a great thing here.
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  9. Great Information about Small Treadmill. I would like to get one for myself.
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  10. What a great idea. I always think of treadmills as the huge ones at the gym so a small treadmill sounds perfect for home use.
    Compost King recently posted..Which Kitchen Composter is the best for you?My Profile

  11. A small treadmill sounds like a great idea, especially now all the Christmas food has been consumed. Those large treadmills seem so big and bulky and finding a spot is always a challenge, I like the idea of a small one, I could even fit one in my house.
    Sue-Ellen recently posted..22 Horse colic symptoms you need to knowMy Profile

  12. Can you please recommend some models? I am having a very difficult time finding a compact model under $500 that will fit in our small apartment. Maximum size: 62″ x 29″.

  13. Treadmill Expert says:

    Hi Kate,

    The best solution is for you to visit your local fitness store and tell them your situation. I think some of the expert there will assist you with finding the best small treadmill. One thing you have to aware of the small treadmill is some of them are quite fragile and easy to break down. Make sure you go with the good quality one!

  14. Jac Morton says:

    Reading you review about Small Treadmills make me want to purchase one. Specially when I really am very athletic person and my day will not be completed if I cant go jogging early morning. This will be perfect specially on rainy season. Where its really hard to run outside.

  15. Small treadmill is easy one to use. Some treadmills are very large size but this is on reasonable size.
    James Corn recently posted..Are You Listening To The Right Folks?My Profile

  16. Hello,
    fold away treadmills and foldaway treadmills are small enough to fold up and fit in a closet or under a bed,

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