Vitamaster Treadmill

When you start looking for a treadmill, chances are you’re going to come across at least one store or person who is selling a Vitamaster treadmill. The only question is whether a Vitamaster treadmill is a good buy, and in this article, we look at that question, and the answer, in more detail.

Discontinued Product

The primary problem with the Vitamaster treadmill is that this product is no longer being manufactured. That means that while you might stillVitamaster Treadmill find them for sale, you will struggle to find replacement parts should you need to have your treadmill repaired later on.

It also means that all the Vitamaster treadmills out there are being sold without any warranty, usually second hand, and you won’t have anyone to complain to if the treadmill you buy doesn’t perform the way you want it to.

Outdated Technology

Another big problem with the Vitamaster treadmill is that because they’re no longer being made, all of the units being sold are old models. That means that they still have the old, outdated technology of a few years ago, and that means that they’re noisier, less energy efficient, and more prone to mechanical problems than the newer machines on the market. Some may require treadmill repairs and more information on such topic can be found at Treadmill Cost.

Only Second Hand or Reassembled

Finally, you need to bear in mind that because the Vitamaster treadmill is no longer being manufactured, you can’t buy one brand new, off the shelf as it were.

You will either have to buy a second hand machine (and run the risk of the problems associated with buying a second hand treadmill) or you will have to find a company that sells what is known as reassembled Vitamaster treadmills.

That means that the company you buy from uses new Vitamaster parts to assemble a unit that’s technically new, but that doesn’t come with the warranty of an ordinary new treadmill. It’s still a little more risky than buying a brand new machine, but it should eliminate the problem of inheriting other people’s wear and tear.

Weigh Your Choice Carefully

The Vitamaster treadmill is not a bad machine, and there are plenty of people out there who are still happily using these treadmills, having bought them new.

However, because they are no longer being manufactured, after sales service, spares and replacement parts are a bigger concern with this particular treadmill than they are with similar brands that are still in production.

If you are looking for a treadmill that will be quick and easy to repair or find parts for, then this is probably not the way to go. However, because of the added inconvenience, you can find some bargain prices on a Vitamaster treadmill these days, and if you are willing to take the risk, you could save a bundle on the purchase price.

It’s all a matter of weighing what’s more important to you – the immediate cost of a treadmill, versus the long term cost and hassle of owning a Vitamaster treadmill – once you’ve done that, the decision should be an easy one.


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  2. I do own a similar treadmill and yes it is really a headache when the parts are no longer accessible. And mind you, I didn’t pay cheap for them!
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